Internal and External Communications

Since 2009, Autry Media Group has helped companies develop internal and external communication strategies that align with their corporate ideals.

We approach this process holistically. Between employees, and consumers, and investors; between suppliers, and shareholders, and society at large, targeted internal and external communication strategies ensure those with an interest in your business are provided tailored messaging crafted specifically for them.

These aren't one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approaches. Autry Media Group takes the time get to know your business, its processes and its purpose. Those findings are fused with a general vision of your communication goals, and together, they form a customized action plan geared toward YOU controlling your corporate narrative.

Internal External Slide

Corporate communication is one of the primary keys of success for businesses. The corporate brand communication flow can be represented as a triangle as seen above, where there is interaction between three elements--the organization, employees and customers.

At the top of the triangle is the organization, interacting with both employees (internal communication) and customers (external communication). Organizations are presenting the information about who they are and what their brand is. In the same way, organizations' brand is formed by employee and customer feelings and attitudes. Within the services industry, organizations' brand image is built from the interaction with organizations' employees.

The ultimate brand image of an organization is determined by the customers and their experiences with the organization, and if the expectations promised do not reach an acceptable level, the ultimate experience and valuation will be compromised, and even the best service will not make up for unmet promises.