Research Documents

Conversations with prominent business and civic leaders have sparked interest in penning research documents covering an array of topics. Most of these documents chronicle the role minorities will play in America as we advance through the 21st century. Our partnership with Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH has indeed spawned the most research papers, as our findings have become centerpieces of the organization's annual gathering of automotive executives in Detroit.

Cover - Structural Racism

Structural Racism In American

This document looks into some of the societal infrastructure components with vast racial disparities, including the criminal justice system, educational system and drug enforcement initiatives. (READ IT HERE)





Cover - Diversion of Diversity

The Diversion of Diversity

This research document looks at diversity in America and how, if at all, the concept has been used as a unifying force. With the "browning" of America, this document looks at how necessary a more tolerant corporate culture is. (READ IT HERE)






The Economic Impact of the Automotive Industry on Urban Communities

The Rainbow Push Automotive Project was interested in documenting the importance of the auto industry on urban communities in the U.S. The findings are outlined in this document.





White Papers--FINAL (2) copySalvaging Our Legacy

Rev. Jackson and the Rainbow Push Automotive Project team mobilized when black-owned auto suppliers were in peril during the 2008 recession. Read what steps the organization took to save many of these suppliers. (READ IT HERE)