Why Autry Media Group

One way or another, people will talk about your company. It is imperative, then that YOU control the narrative. Failure to do so can compromise your company's reputation and affect your bottom line.

Why leave that possibility to chance? By implementing a proactive and robust communications strategy, you can ensure the dialogue with your stakeholders supports your organizational goals and fortifies your brand.

Simplify With Autry Media Group. Enhancing the way your company communicates is a critical element in the overall success of your business. But most business leaders, however, find themselves focusing more on the tangible, profit-generating areas than the supplemental components that help drive and sustain those profits in the first place.

Cost-Effective Communications. Autry Media Group can simplify your communication strategy by augmenting the efforts of your staff or becoming your de facto communications department. Either way, you are assured of cost-effective communications initiatives that maximize your organization's brand--both internally and externally.

Damon Autry


Damon Autry launched Autry Media Group in 2010 after an 11-year stint at a Detroit-area consulting firm where he worked on the company’s largest account, helping the automotive manufacturing customer with its corporate events, community affairs initiatives and employee communications efforts.

Since Autry Media Group’s inception, automotive-related businesses, nonprofit organizations, corporate executives and insurance companies have relied on Damon and his team to develop corporate messaging that best aligns with their corporate values.

Damon oversees a team that delivers seamless strategies in the areas of internal and external communications, integrated marketing campaigns, media relations, executive ghostwriting and web development. Autry Media Group regularly conducts research on a host of topics, most of which chronicle the need for improved diversity in the American corporate infrastructure. The company has partnered with several notable American brands, including the United Auto Workers, Ford Motor Company and Bridgewater Interiors, the third largest African American-owned business in the country. It has also done work for ChemicoMays, Rainbow PUSH, MetLife, NAMAD, DetailXPerts and several others.

Damon earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Central Michigan University.